ARTICLE : Amérique Latine : Mouvements autochtones et leur impact sur le milieu politique

Publication d’un article de Salvador Marti i Puig de l’université de Salamanca intitulé : « The Emergence of Indigenous Movements in Latin America and Their Impact on the Latin American Political Scene / Interpretive Tools at the Local and Global Levels » dans Latin American Perspectives Novembre 2010 vol. 37 no. 6

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The past two decades have seen the emergence of various political actors in Latin America for whom indigenousness is their basic social identity. The appearance of indigenous movements at this time can be attributed to a change in the structure of political opportunities in response to globalization, which has created a situation in which policy making is no longer controlled by governments but increasingly the result of the interaction of a wide variety of actors. Indigenous peoples have been empowered by alliances with actors that have provided them greater capacity for applying pressure through relationships, including churches, anthropologists, and international advocacy networks.

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