ARTICLE : Bolivie : Analyse du CEJIS sur la question des droits humains, des peuples autochtones et de la constitution bolivienne

Article intitulé : « Derechos humanos de los pueblos indigenas y nueva constitucion boliviana« , CEJIS (centro de estudios juridicos et investigacion social), 2010

Présentation par Leonardo Tamburini , Directeur exécutif du CEJIS:

« The world’s indigenous peoples were able to frame its combat in defense of their rights. To be recognized as distinct cultures and societies by states where they were trapped as ethnic minorities, was one of the first actions undertaken their newborn protest organizations, dating from the late 70’s and early 80’s of last century. Bolivia has not been on the sidelines of this struggle, in contrast, has lately given basic guidelines on how States should consider the diversity of their societies to expand the scope of protection and legal recognition of these complex realities that have come under schemes neocolonial domination. The adoption of the Constitution of the State in Bolivia and the declaration of a Multinational State, with a wide and extensive catalog of human rights of indigenous peoples built, many of them originating from major international instruments as the Declaration of Human Rights Indigenous Peoples, makes this text one of the most advanced in the world.

In this edition of the magazine « Article One » we present the progress on human rights of indigenous peoples have the new Bolivian Constitution, which deal with our partners to analyze some of the most important rights that the Constitution enshrines. On the other hand, we collect also the progress of indigenous rights in international protection systems, regional and universal, and some conflicts that have behaved very serious violations of indigenous rights domestically and internationally recognized ».

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