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Conférence « Sharing Cultures 2011, 2nd international conférence on intangible Heritage », 3-6 juillet 2011. Date limite 31 janvier 2011.

Thèmes :

– Oral traditions and expressions;
- Performing arts;
- Social practices;
- Traditional craftsmanship.

Under « Oral traditions and expressions » Authors may present research
work on language and communication, mainly if considered as means to
express or transmit intangible cultural heritage.

« Performing arts » will accommodate all contributions on music (instrumental and human voice), dance and theatre in their traditional, classical, ethnographic, or other forms.

The topic of « Social practices » will include all forms of social intercourse, corresponding to day-to-day life activities, rituals (religious or non-religious) and festive events that mark the way of life of a certain human group; under this topic gastronomy will also have
a place.

« Traditional craftsmanship » will gather contributions on various forms of material production, having in mind that all material culture has an intangible meaning and that the « know-how » is it-self intrinsically intangible.

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