Australie – Lettre Ouverte sur l’Intervention d’Urgence dans le Territoire du Nord

In an open letter addressed to two Green Senators of Western Australia, Alexis Wright – celebrated indigenous writer, land rights activist and researcher from the Waanyi people of the southern Gulf of Carpentaria – expresses her position on the continuing Northern Territory Emergency Response initiated in 2007 by the Australian Government:

« Our position of powerlessness comes from relying on Australian governments that are free to choose when, how and what they might do to rebuild, divert or destroy the Indigenous world. This is why reform should be not so much about Indigenous people but rather the interaction of governments with the law of the Indigenous world. The answer is not targets for closing the gap, nor more opportunities for governments to do things wrongly. The government need to engage with the self-governance that exists in the hearts and minds of Indigenous people: in other words, the fundamental principles of who we are, where we have been, and what we want to become. »

Full text here

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